Welcome to Wunderkind PR!

Elena Stokes founded Wunderkind PR in September 2008 after more than a decade in Publicity at Tor and Forge Books, Macmillan; her last five years there she oversaw the department as Director of Publicity. Tanya Farrell, former Associate Publisher and Vice President of Publicity at Picador, joined as a Partner in December 2009.

With a combined twenty-seven years of experience in publishing, Elena and Tanya offer commercial, genre, and literary sensibilities to each campaign. The Wunderkind PR philosophy is that it takes personal attention and creative planning to grow an author effectively. Whether it is building an author as a brand and expanding his or her audience or focusing in on a particular fan group or specific media contacts to disseminate a message, Wunderkind PR creates comprehensive publicity plans from the ground up, from early author blurbs to print, blog, and broadcast bookings at the time of on-sale.

Wunderkind PR works both with publishers to maximize media opportunities and directly with authors to navigate publishing complexities, formulate the best press materials, and implement the most effective publicity strategies. At the same time, Elena and Tanya also tailor specialized plans and work closely with in-house publicists to maximize publicity exposure for their authors. They only take on a few authors at a time so their clients will always get the maximum benefit of their personal attention and creative planning as they build promotional plans to expand their authors’ audiences and grow their careers.