From Authors

"Wunderkind PR kicks twice as much ass as whoever else you're considering! I had a total blast working with Elena and she’s the only publicist I want to work with from here on out. I feel like the whole launch of my book has been a steady stream of great news and amazing press, and that she’s one of the main reasons it went so well. Perhaps I will put Elena and Cara in the DeLorean and make copies of them, so I have FOUR bad ass publicists working for me all at once!”
—Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One

“Tanya and Elena form a dynamic powerhouse unsurpassed in the book business. Unflappable, honest, and overflowing with insider knowledge, Tanya and Elena individualize every pitch with creativity and enthusiasm. They represent my work with integrity and I could not have asked for a better experience.”
—Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times Bestselling author of Coming up for Air

"If you're searching for one of the best PR firms in the country, I highly recommend Wunderkind PR. I had the pleasure of working with Elena Stokes on my second novel, and she did a phenomenal job! In large part, the success of my book is directly related to her efforts. I am looking forward to working with the folks at Wunderkind on my soon-to-be completed third novel."
—D.M. Annechino, author of Resuscitation

"Elena Stokes and Tanya Farrell of Wunderkind PR bring impressive backgrounds and terrific energy to their clients. I was happy to be one of those in 2010, and to watch how the synergy of their individual contacts and rolodexes operated, to my considerable benefit. They are tenacious, well-connected, witty, and imaginative. Authors and publishers will reap a substantial upside from an association with Wunderkind; I recommend them highly, and do so with pleasure."
—Guy Gavriel Kay, author of Under Heaven

"Elena goes above and beyond her call of duty when it comes to PR. She shows pure passion and drive in her undertakings and works tirelessly to generate contacts, pitch ideas, and promote brands she believes in. Even though our company's campaign with her had long ended, she "couldn't help but" continue to generate leads for us and get our story published at several major online review sites several months later. Because of Elena's efforts, our brand new startup, within just months of formation, was featured on high-profile websites such as USA Today, Publishers Weekly, The Examiner, IGN, and Borders Books—and we were even given a mention on the Jimmy Fallon show. If you're looking for outstanding results from an enthusiastic and personable PR professional, get in touch with Elena!"
—Melissa Heidrich, Studio Director PassionFruit Games

"Elena Stokes and Wunderkind PR genuinely works wonders. Stokes is the best publicist I've ever had."
New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg

"In the many years that I have worked with Tanya, I have never seen her anxious, nervous or angry. She is always air-conditioned cool. She has never overlooked a detail or made even the smallest and most understandable mistake. If I were to say this to her she would laugh and roll her eyes and say, "Who are you kidding, of course I make mistakes." But she doesn't, actually. She has never made me feel that I am being unreasonable or spoiled or lazy when I am all three of these things, often at the same time. Tanya could land a 747 without any assistance from anybody and without ever having stepped inside the cockpit before. She is the very finest and most gifted publicist that I have ever had the privilege of working with."
—Augusten Burroughs, #1 bestselling author of Running with Scissors

"Elena Stokes is fantastic, a force of a nature -- She's an Amazon, warrior princess -- a Red Sonja of publicity. When she takes you on as her client, she is tireless, relentless, and determined to see you succeed. I could not ask for a better representative for my work -- not only because I know that she'll take care of my interests, but that she'll do so with ethics, class, and even more dedication and energy than I would expect from myself. Truly, I cannot say enough good things about Elena, or Wunderkind PR."
New York Times bestselling author Marjorie M. Liu

"Tanya Farrell made good things happen for me and my books, with cheerfulness and hard work and savvy understanding of the business."
—Michael Chabon, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

“Elena headed up the Publicity Department at Tor when she worked on three of my novels, all of which hit The New York Times bestseller list. She always came up with creative plans that included a mix of important wholesale accounts, key chains and indies, as well as setting up radio, creative book video shoots and interviews. Elena is always professional and cheerful about her work and is passionate about seeing her authors succeed. I highly recommend her work.”
New York Times bestselling author, Douglas Preston

“Elena is tops. She flogged my work for many years at Tor/Forge, and was instrumental in returning me to the NYT bestsellers list. I'd been on with paperbacks before, but she guided Repairman Jack to his first appearances on the hardcover list. She came up with the idea of letting my readers vote on my website as to where I should do signings; the result was my best-attended tour ever. But beyond her skill and experience, she is simply a joy to work with – brimming with ideas and boundless enthusiasm. I can't recommend her highly enough.”
New York Times bestselling author F. Paul Wilson

"I will attest to Elena's amazing skills and abilities as a public relations professional! She took me on as an unknown thriller writer with a first novel and got me on Oprah, Primetime Thursday, Good Morning America, Fox Family and Friends, Court TV and dozens of local tv stations. Because of her efforts I did hundred of radio interviews, and was picked up by major and minor newspapers across the country. She did an amazing job for me! Elena's Rolodex-quotient is one of the highest in the biz; she knows everyone and everybody, where all the bodies are buried, and she's got favors in the favor bank at every major media outlet in NYC. Don't retain her unless you're ready and willing to handle the level of success and exposure she can bring you!"
—Marcus Wynne, author of Brothers in Arms

"I have worked with Elena on many publicity campaigns for my bestselling DUNE novels with Brian Herbert. She is hardworking, pleasant, efficient, and has plenty of good ideas. I'm going to miss working with her at Tor."
—Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author and President of WordFire, Inc.

From Publishers

"I wanted to share with you how very pleased I have been with Elena’s publicity work for us. The publicity, the reviews, on the book have been phenomenal. Elena’s energy and creative approaches to getting the word out were just great. I am certain that her efforts here played a major role in the sales success we are seeing on this title [Star Wars: The Blueprints] now. So for all of this I wanted to say "THANK YOU" so very much! I would wholeheartedly recommend Elena for additional assignments."
—Andy Mayer, Publisher, Epic Ink Books & b&m!

“Elena was part of the Tor publicity team for over a decade and always brought enthusiasm and creative energy to her dealings with authors, media, and fellow co-workers. She conceived of and helped to implement publicity plans for all of the authors across our imprints and helped lead the company to a record number of New York Times bestsellers. You can trust Elena with your top authors: she will deliver beyond your expectations.”
—Tom Doherty, Publisher, Tor Books

"Tanya Farrell is brilliant, a real professional."
—Frances Coady, VP and Publisher | Picador, Editor at Large | Macmillan

"Elena Stokes is truly a wunderkind! I worked with her for 8+ years at Tor. She is indefatigable, high spirited and genuine. She knows the book business and works hard to get results. She is a creative thinker who is always looking for new ways to approach assignments and she’s not afraid to get into new territory and learn the ropes. Talk to anyone at Tor about the Internet Hunt contest that she spearheaded for famed author Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. It was truly a monumental task bringing together teckies, fans, fansites, lawyers, the author, editors, writers, artists, and a staff of publicists. If you want someone who is dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced, Elena is all of those things, and best of all, she is a pleasure to work with."
—Phyllis Azar, Executive Director of Marketing, Tor Books, Macmillan

“Tanya Farrell works miracles. She’s smart and efficient, calm and calming, and she makes serious work a lot of fun. I’ve never known a publicity person more adored – and rightly so.”
—Christopher Schelling, Ralph M. Vicinanza Ltd.

"I have worked with Elena for three years, both as her Associate Director of Publicity at Tor, and in her new position, where she has written excellent press materials for me. Elena is always upbeat and incredibly hardworking for her authors, continually searching for the most creative pitches or plans to get her authors on the NYT bestseller list."
—Patty Garcia, Director of Publicity, Tor Books, Macmillan

“Tanya and I worked together for seven and a half years in the Picador publicity department. In that time, not a day went by that I didn’t learn something new from her. But if it was her experience that instructed, it was her integrity that, day after day, inspired. Tanya doesn’t follow the faulty reasoning that “all publicity is good publicity”—she’s operates on the next level of PR, understanding that different types of exposure better-suit different books. But I could go on… Suffice to say that it is a lucky author who gets to work with Tanya Farrell.”
—James Meader, Director of Publicity, Picador

"I worked with Elena for over four years and most recently as her Publicity Manager. She is incredibly hard-working, smart, and engaging. Her persistence, one of the most valuable qualities in a publicist, is accompanied by effortless charm. She is honest and creative and she knows how to get the job done. Anyone would be lucky to have her work on his or her team."
—Dot Lin, Publicity Manager, Tor Books, Macmillan

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tanya for several years on bestselling and award-winning books such as Middlesex, The World is Flat, Gilead, and Lush Life. Tanya is hardworking, knowledgeable, and demonstrates a true understanding of the publishing business."
—Jeff Seroy, Senior VP, Publicity and Marketing, Farrar, Straus & Giroux

“Ever mindful of how best to take advantage of data that might reveal a picture, a theme, or a trend, Elena was always open to suggestions and innovations. She cares deeply about the authors and people she represents and about the staff that underpins all great publicity campaigns. She's ready to roll up her sleeves and get the most out of every effort.”
—Deborah Baber, VP Corporate Administration Services, Macmillan

From PR Professionals

“Tanya Farrell and Wunderkind PR did a fantastic job getting media for Carson Morton’s book, Stealing Mona Lisa. The Wunderkind team shared our vision for the book and worked seamlessly with the publisher to enhance their publicity efforts. Tanya is professional, responsive, and delivered tremendous results.”
—Bernadette Baker-Baughman, Victoria Sanders & Associates

"Working with Elena is a total joy. She is energetic, creative, and easy to collaborate with. A veteran public relations strategist, Elena has the creativity, expertise, and professional respect to deliver results. I recommend her highly."
—Lynn Goldberg, CEO, Goldberg McDuffie Communications

"We hired Elena to help us with three projects. One was the launch of a dog training web site for Cesar Millan. The others were books we were promoting. Elena was able to immerse herself instantly in the work and bring a creative approach to the assignments. She has a "get it done" attitude and outstanding media contacts. Elena generated results for us in no time. I look forward to working with her again."
—Rosemary Ostmann, President and CEO, Rose Communications

"Elena and I went to Johns Hopkins together and we ended up in the same field. From my personal experience with her I knew she was an excellent person and I’d always heard great things about her work, so when we needed help on a few book promotion projects we called her. Elena harnessed her tremendous energy and focused it on generating stellar results. She was thorough, smart, and she really extended herself to make things happen. I'd gladly work with Elena again."
—Victoria Grantham, Senior VP and Managing Director, Rose Communications